I , I just don’t see it.
I can’t stop thinking this is just a simple dream.
I’d like you to disappear sometimes.
Sadness is not an option anymore
But there are no other options yet.

Damn it

I hate myself the days I wish I never met you.
I hate to remember you and cry
I hate the thought of forgetting you
As your simple memory is what keeps me on the floor

I wish I wouldn’t ever set eyes on you, so that this hell wouldn’t exist.
But how can I wish that if you gave me heaven?

I’m tired of my own tears, they open holes in my bones.
Each day my bones resist less the acid rain that tears them apart.

My eyes hurt. And so does my heart.
My life is senseless, and so is my soul.
I’d give you my soul if I could only see you.
I’d give it to you so there’s something I can come to you back for.

Each day seems like it’s Monday. “The time machine is broken” and you’re so, so far away.
You were mere luck.
And each day I convince myself that you’re not here, and you’re not even near me. So far away, from everything you used to be for me.

I seem to have forgotten your taste, your sweat. I lost myself on a river of mixed memories that make you more and more unreachable every second, and what I really wish, is for that river to stop drowning me in all of your memories.

My memory cheats on me. And I cry. But that doesn’t change the fact that you might be gone for good.

I love you so.
I am my own little broken heart, and that’s all.

Soundtrack: silent warm wind.


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