Houses by the sea

One of these days I am going to cut you into little pieces. I will tear you apart. And then I you will love me. You won’t be able to live without me and my eyes. After I kill you, you’ll realize I’m the only thing you’ll ever need. After you become a million tiny pieces you’ll see I’m the girl of your dreams and you’re heart will beat only for me. You see, I’m your self-destrucction button, and you love me, I’m your wish of early death. I’ll have to rip your soul apart before you realize you can’t live without me.
But before I suck the life out of you, you’ll break my heart. And you’ll spin me twice or even more. You will make me die over and over again untill I’m strong enough to break you. You’ll set me free.
Only then, hapiness won’t be a problem. After we both die, after we lose everything we’ll be free to love each other. Die nur ein Wahn, nie Wahrheit.
Only madness. Never the truth. We’ll lose our lives before we can be together. Before you know that the rest of the world does not matter when it comes down to us.

But first, you need the courage to look at me and see me.

Soundtrack: Islands (King Crimson)


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