Everybody sees

Itis oneo ftho seda ys,wh enyo uwis hedy ouwe reso mebo dy –an ybod y-els eYou wish youd idno thav etol ivey ours hitt ylit tlel ife.S oyou woul dnot miss thep eopl eyou miss, youd onot have then eeds youu sual lydo. Soyo udon otfe elwh atyo ufee l.Iti sone ofth osed aysw heny ouwo uldg ivea nyth ingt oloo katy ours elfi nthe mirr oran dsee some onee lse.B ecau seyo uare fina llyt ired ofyo urfa cean dthe wayi tloo ksat yo ubla nkly ever ymor ning when youw akeu p.

Soundtrack: Venus in furs (The velvet underground)


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