The wind is whispering. It is time. So I get up and I walk to the window. It’s cold. No sun today, but that’s better. It’s easier to jump when the sun is hidden, we know that. At this moment all I can think of is that maybe I am too narrow minded and maybe I have to change myself in order for my life to change. If I sit here, nothing will happen and I have to make it happen. So today, I jump. And I run. And I do those things I always thought of, but never did. Today I yell at the oceans and I kick the snow and I crash and burn in madness. And I feel alive. Or at least it seems like life. Yes, this has to be life, I’ve felt this before and you’re here, so yes, life this is. Right now, I kiss the sky with my frozen lips and caress the air with the tip of my tongue. And keep my eyes open and laugh at the hidden sun. So here I am. Right where we once were. Are we ready? It’s time, the wind is whispering to us. Our Ground Zero is waiting for us to dive. That immense nothingness is waiting for us to become a part of it. The snow I kicked is chasing us, it’s time to jump. How? Easy, take my hand and let gravity do the rest.

Soundtrack: Braille, Pavlov’s Daughter (Regina Spektor), Unendlich, Wenn die anderen (Silbermond), The Wrong Girl (Belle & Sebastian), My insatiable one (Suede).


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