It’s me, here, standing in the window. I’m dizzy. A cat just passed by and left a cloud of red smoke behind him and that’s making me dizzy. My right foot is sprained and it hurts. But that lovely giraffe is here. She will help me, she has a lighter, so I can finally smoke my last cigarette. Alone, far from the window and the red smoke that yellow and grayish cat left. Maybe the cat was trying to knock me out. Who knows? Anyway, my long necked savior is here to take me to the deep purple jungle. That’s the only place I want to be. Under that purplish black ceiling made out of trees. No sun for me today. I don’t want to get my skin burned and my dark glasses are broken since that huge rhinoceros ran at me and I had to get out of the way. My watch is broken too. It finally stopped at 2:47 with 20 seconds. Only 20 seconds. Whatever, I’m here now. And Mrs. Giraffe is getting closer. She’s looking pretty today, her eyelashes are very long. I hope Mr. Giraffe is not too mad still. I never properly apologized for eating his oat meal. My lungs are burning. My right knee is caving in. Please hurry Mrs. Giraffe, I don’t want to be alone anymore.

Soundtrack: Skinny sweaty man, Behind the sun, Subterranean homesick blues, Secret song, No chump love sucker (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Complica’o (Las cotoplas cantoras de Cereté), Mauro Urquijo (Necronomicuy), Still… you turn me on, From the beginning (Emerson, Lake & Palmer).


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