Taken aback

That’s it. It’s the end, and i’ve been looking forward to it. No regrets. Regretting is painful. No more pain, no more rain. My hands are tied and I like it this way, keeps the guilt away because it can’t be my fault. All these sunsets i selfishly believe that were made for me, just so i can sigh when i look at them and keep my mind out of trouble. All the streets I wondered refuse to linger, and their broken sidewalks and smelly corners fleet by as i walk through them with my firm rhythm and carelessness. My feet don’t ache anymore, and neither does my heart of for that matter, not a single part of my body feels pain. Seldom do i think whether love is what i want it to be. And rarely does anyone answer that question, nevertheless if they answer i refuse to listen. Well, my hands are tied and i like really it this way. There’s no other place i want to be. I just wish yo could see that i’m tied up for good.

Soundtrack: Field Below, Ode to Divorce (Regina Spektor).


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