What will she say?

… a stranger, someone different. As if I never knew […] After me, flood. Yeah, right. I now wish […] Sad. This wasted time makes me sad. I stopped believing in love. Or at least my own love, now that I realized no one wants it. I’ll keep it to myself. It’s often misunderstood, so I’ll save myself and my pretty, silly, naive love (yes, the one I gave […]) from anyone who can mistake it for something else. I don’t want to find someone who can thinks it’s understandable, takes it away form me, then finds out it’s not what it was and gives it back damaged and broken. My love is for myself and I’m the only one who deserves it.

My smile is going blank, my eyes are growing darker and pain has fled from me. Stoicism the way to go.

Soundtrack: Apart (The Cure).


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