That’s why I don’t believe in love stories anymore

All she did was lay on the floor, no tears, no spasms, nothing. Her limbs were relaxed, lifeless. He waits for her to understand, but she won’t understand at all, she waits all night for him to call, but he won’t call anymore. Nevertheless, she feels, something she was not sure of what it was. She had thought about a similar feeling once, but she never thought she would actually feel it again and more relentlessly. He waits to hear her say, “Forgive”. And he stared, with a loving remorse and a little vengeance; he knew he had done it. And prays to hear him say, “I love you”, but he tells no more lies. Seldom did she think about the past, it was just something unreal, even fleeting. And somehow, there was no living after this. He waits to hear her say, “Forget”, but she just hangs her head in pain, and prays to hear him say, “No more, I’ll never leave again”. However, that was it, he was leaving and she would not (nor could) stop him, though she didn’t say goodbye. She was tired of saying “fare thee well”, because he wouldn’t do it, that wouldn’t stop him from breaking her heart even from far away. But all she did was lay there, her face to the tilted ceiling, with no problems, but her loving, sad thought that he was going to stay. How did we get this far apart? We used to be so close together, how did we get this far apart? I thought this love would last for ever. At that precise moment, as he left her on the floor, she realized nothing lasts forever, not even her heartbreak, not even the pain, not even him.

Soundtrack: Trilogy (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Smokers outside The Hospital Doors (Editors), When Anger Shows (Editors), Spiders (Editors), Sight of you (Ride).

P.D: Can someone make me change my mind?


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