One kiss for you, 3 hugs for us and 6 glances through a misty shade of purple

I find myself carrying an enormous amount of happiness. The last past months haven’t been filled with healthy sentiments, however… you appeared. I don’t know why or where, nevertheless you’re here and I can only smile when I think of you. So I’ll give my best, just because I feel good. You treat me right, you do me right.
It’s the ninth day of December. Today is a good day. Today I declare myself happier that I’ve been in a while. If life goes on like this, whatever comes next doesn’t matter, I’m stronger, I’m strengthened by this feeling of belonging.

I can’t manage to articulate the sweet ideas that come into my little young and empty head. The terrible bliss and joy that fills me today doesn’t allow me to think straight. Can this be true?

Soundtrack: Bon Idée, Aching to Pupate, Lounge, Lullaby, Ne Me Quitte Pas (Regina Spektor).


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