Truce (of new year’s resolutions and nostalgia)

Let’s say it’s time to finally buckle up and lose some a lot of weight (ten pounds are enough, right?). I might not get the “hot body” I dream of, but at least I won’t be embarassed to go out to buy clothes. For that I evidently need to stop eating so much, drink a lot of water and finally get my ass over to a gym of some sort (I went for a month, but at least I tried), or at least do some exercise at home (yeah, right). I have to read more, I need to get a good, stable job, pay a that long desired visit to the ocean, get a driver’s license (and actually know how to drive), find someone to spend my loneliness with (yes, I’m very needy these days), learn to play the guitar, stop daydreaming so much (it’s getting annoying really), download Bowie’s complete discography, stop fighting with myself so much, convince my mom to get a cat, for that I have to be more organized and have a job to pay the cat’s expenses, re-decorate my bedroom, dye my hair more frequently, improve my french, my chinese and my german (good luck with that), improve my piano skills and my flute skills, spend more time with Miss Blockenfeffer. Stop watching so much T.V. I’d say stop smoking, but I don’t really want to. Get a normal life. Stick to the schedules I make for myself. Try not to be so intolerant. Start to forget stupid quarrels and make a new relationship with people from the past. Not forget anyone’s birthdays (pleeease), be able to fit my brown skirt (this falls on the category of the first resolution, but I have to specify it in here). Send more T-shirts to the printer’s, I have such good ideas (sadly no money, damn). Learn to play Girl Anachronism (just because), really be able to play some of Regina’s songs, improve my Photoshop skills, get a photography course, learn how to cook, re-learn how to wear bright colors. Get around that song-writing impulse and see if something good comes out of it. Stat handling myself  more properly. Reach plurk nirvana (:P), get Mark Ruffalo’s and Michel Gondry’s movieography (stop inventing words too), convince my brother to get move out and turn his room into either a gym or a sweing room (but that’s impossible, actually), get my so long dreamed Daria Morgandorfer’s boots. All of that sums up one one thing: stop being mediocre and get some money.

I’m tired of this live of half-triumphs I’m leading.

Soundtrack: The Dresden Dolls.


7 thoughts on “Truce (of new year’s resolutions and nostalgia)

  1. Uash, si consigues las botas de Daria me avisas dónde, yo he querido esas botas desde que entré a la adolescencia. Por cierto, eso de “get a driver’s license (and actually know how to drive)” me sonó a vainazo 😛

    Y ala, métete a un gimnasio, es divetido incluso para mí que soy el ser humano más torpe, perezoso y de peor estado físico del universo.

  2. you wanna stop feeling embarrased for being not too skinny when you buy clothes? then stop going to those godforsaken stores where they only make clothes for women who are either malnourished or genetically determined to be skinny no matter what. If you want to lose weight because you think two flights of stairs are too much, or because you feel that gravity somehow gets stronger on your rear bottom’s area, then fine… a nice set of lungs is probably sexier than a pair of… let’s leave it at that.
    Succexss with all the rest 😛

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