Could tell you? Would I?

I thought I’d write something to you. But seeing as I can’t find any clear ideas, because I can’t find any sense anywhere, I remain silent.

You see, I would very much enjoy letting you know something appropriate, but what’s appropriate in this case?

Write a romantic sheet of “I’d like’s”?

Write a list of my annoying quirks and warn you about my tendency to be complicated?

Tell you about the one who left me emotionally impaired?

Take a picture?

Write a song?♫ ♪

♫ ♪ Sing a song?

Say, I’d like to make your life nicer and at the same time that you’d do the same for me;

my most horrible quirk is to always think too much ahead and forget to live what’s going on right now;

I tried to love him, but I broke both my heart and his because of the effort;

I’ve tried to write songs, so many of them, but they’ll never see the light;

is this ɥƃnouə?;

so many songs I’d sing and at the same time I’d rather remain silent.

There was a little girl who had it all together, I knew her. One night she fell from grace. I never saw her again; I liked her a lot, she had my same name and my honey-green eyes. I’d ask you to help me find her (I’d keep your beating heart out of trouble), but I don’t want to disturb if you’re busy.

I don’t want to disturb; never.


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