To all the hopelessness

There’s no end to the love I can give, I may be flat but I’m breathing

It’s last call and I’m the last one leaving

You see, I thought I could change the world, by spreading my legs; it isn’t very hard.

I thought I could change his mind, by changing my perfume

to the kind his mother wore. Boy, was I wrong.

You’ve never met a more impossible girl

In this same bar where I slammed down my hand and I said “Amanda, I’m in love”.

No I’m not, I’m really not.

I’m just a sucker for the ones who use me.

And it really doesn’t matter what you say or do, the stupid bastard’s gonna have his way with me

I’m an unrescuable schizo and if I take him back, you’re gonna lose your nerve

I am impossible, Amanda; I’m the princess of denial (more like the empress)

And after 5 years I’m none the wiser

You have to understand, we schizos never learn

If I take him home, I’ll get what I deserve

I’m still alive, Amanda

I need a ride, Amanda

Let’s see how fast this thing can go

Soundtrack: Delilah (The Dresden Dolls).


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