Evolution, baby

Is there anything quite as masturbatory as writing a personal blog, really?

Let’s polish our mental pearls for the night.

They time must pass and shit must happen. Well they don’t really say that, but they should. So, 3 years and roughly 11 months passed between this post and the last. And shit happened in those 3 years, 10 months, and 27 days.

Like, within that first year, someone could have finally graduated, gotten a job as a teacher and watched all of the new Doctor Who seasons and fell in love with the show, because those things happen.

In 3 years, 10 months and 27 days people could have broken up the long-distance relationship with their boyfriend who lived in Mexico, who they were briefly “engaged” with. Though he never really put a ring on it, which Beyoncé would claim it doesn’t really count. Well, they broke up before the post, but for effects of writing, let’s say it was around the same time. They could have ended up living 6 hours away from each other (377 miles, to be exact), years after breaking up *because* they lived too far away. It is possible they still talk, but the truth is they don’t, because now the metaphorical distance is even greater than the 3,367 miles between Tijuana and Bogotá.

In that following year, as any person would, things moved on and any normal human would have done the sane thing and fall in love with a man with a beautiful name, an amazing smile and a crooked tooth. Their names would sound great together and they would love each other greatly, but life’s a bitch, and then you get your green-card and end up moving to the United States of America, of all places.

So, about a year and 6 months after that post, any number of people could have moved the the States, away from all their families and friends.

Because can take many strange and sadistic turns, two years after that last blog post, any person could have ended up living in Missoula, Montana, one of the randomest places in the world to end up living in. They could have fallen in love with snow, but they really didn’t. As a matter of fact, they fucking ended up hating show. Ugh, snow. The only snow they like is the one that goes by the first name of Jon.During that time, they could have declared Down Under by Men at Work as their favorite song in the world. Not ironically, honestly that could become someone’s favorite song. Because it’s the best song ever.

About two and a half years later, some people also could have ended up moving to Texas, which is also kind of random, but at least it’s snow-less. Fortunately enough, they ended up in Austin and they live with their moms. Their moms are awesome. Like, seriously.

They might be lonely and that’s why they ended up writing a post in their old blog. Which is kind of nice, if you think about it. Sad, but nice.

Additionally, any person could have finally let their hair grow and begin looking like a fucking decent human being for once, even though their fashion sense is still a bit off, which they could blame on all those teenage years of dressing in black to “look interesting”.

They would have quit smoking, but started again, because god hates quitters.

All in all, no one could complain about how things have turned out, and no one is, but strange things happen to people when they remember that it’s two of their ex’s birthdays and everyone seems to be settling down. Getting married. Having kids. Dying.

It is possible also, that even though 3 years, 10 months and 27 days have passed, any number of people can still feel totally lost and still drift. Although, drifting doesn’t seem that scary.

Not anymore.



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