(here I'm allowed, everything all of the time)

(here I’m allowed, everything all of the time)

The name is Miranda Michelle, call her whatever you want, except Nancy. She dislikes that name. Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2012 she moved to the “States” and lived a year in Montana, which happened to be the most miserable year in her existence (so far). Currently she lives in Austin, Texas. She teach second grade and laughs at her students every day. They hardly ever notice, which is cool.


One could say Miranda Michelle is a homey girl, which is just a fancy way of saying she’s lazy. One could also say Miranda Michelle hardly ever goes out because people make her uncomfortable. One could imply she enjoys her solitude and likes going out on her own and just hang out in places. One would be wrong about two of these three possibilities, but one would have to guess which ones.

Miranda Michelle was homeschooled. She is not a weirdo, but she does make noises when she’s bored. Which you could say is kind of weird.

She likes music, playing it and listening to it. If she could do whatever she wanted in life, she would definitively be a singer.

Miranda Michelle is a teacher, because she believes in education. Her job makes her happy, even though it can also make her very sad at some points. She loves working with little kids because it’s fun. She likes the schedule and weekends off, too. Although, as any good teacher knows, she hardly ever gets those off, to tell the truth.


She’s had a fairly successful love life. She’s loved and been loved by amazing people and she still loves them dearly, even though it’s not romantic anymore. She understands things must pass and love comes when you let it in, or something like that. She dabbles in total skepticism about love and a new-agey crap about how “loving yourself comes before letting anyone love you”.

She doesn’t know or care what comes after life. Why should she?

Miranda Michelle has brown curly hair, honey-green eyes, a slightly big nose right in the middle of her face, which is crooked to the right, her eyebrows are naturally awesome and her lips are constantly chapped. She is on the chubby side of the spectrum because of pizza. She went to culinary school for 4 months and she loved it, until she realized she had absolutely no intentions of being a chef (why would she trade her already shitty-paying job, for an even shittier pay?). She adores cooking and adores eating out, and sometimes goes to the gym. Like, once a month. Austin seemed to be the perfect places for her. She is 5’2″, which sucks at concerts.


The first time she went to the beach she was 19 years old. She fell in love with the sea instantly.


She likes to listen to others.



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