Falling into place

A list of insignificant details:

  • I sneeze when I chew mint-flavored gum
  • When I was eight or nine, I had an accident and now I have two scars; one on my chin and one on my lower lip.
  • Half of my love belongs to the sea.
  • I should wear glasses when I read, but I rarely do so.
  • When I eat, I spin the knife in my right hand before using it.
  • I have a mole on my neck, right behind my left ear, which looks like a Sharpie stain and it happens to be my favorite mole.
  • Morning air makes me sneeze.
  • I am utterly unable to eat a lollipop without biting and chewing it. Oral fixation?
  • In my nightmares I’m always late. I hate being late.



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